Amy Alyson Fans

Jay and Amy, actor and actress, move to Hollywood together in hopes of starting successful careers in show business. Amy’s career is on an upwards trajectory, while Jay’s is stalled, with student loans, debt, and bills to pay. He decides to start a fan site about Amy behind her back, just to pay the bills for a while, but before long the site starts feeding her celebrity, pushing her career further upwards, while consuming more of Jay’s time and preventing him from doing more acting himself. Their relationship starts to fizzle a bit as they rarely spend quality time together, coming to a crashing halt when she discovers his secret. Distraught, Amy’s career tanks with a dud of a movie and an embarrassing public incident while Jay’s site also plummets in popularity with her shrinking star. But the fan site that destroyed their relationship is also the means to piece it back together and put them both on Hollywood’s radar.