Mike Dusi is a filmmaker originally from Queens, NY based out of Hollywood, California. He packages and produces Independent Feature Films. If you would like to connect with him, subscribe to MikeDusi.com in the box to the right or follow him on facebook or twitter.

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Artist, entrepreneur, mentor, and founder of Gold Rush Pictures, Inc & producer with That’s Hollywood pictures based out of Los Angeles, California.

As an accomplished and resourceful film producer Dusi has produced multiple theatrically released independent feature films, such as All’s Faire in Love, and Mikey Boy. He has also produced special TV series programming, such as Comedy Central’s Ecommandos.

Dusi’s most recent release, Mikey Boy, is a comedy feature film about a pizza boy from Queens, NY who must figure out how to wiggle out of an arranged marriage in Albania. Dusi personally spearheaded the development, financing, production (pre, physical and post), and theatrical release in the world famous AMC Empire 25 in NYC on 42nd St. Mikey Boy was the highest grossing film Friday, Nov 1, 2013, in the highest grossing theatre in the world. He took Mikey Boy to a three country red carpet world premier throughout Europe.


Dusi has been in the entertainment industry for over 10 years. He understands the realities one must overcome to not only be a producer, but a well rounded artist. He also understands the importance of relationship-building and ability to make things happen, regardless of budgets, time frames, or available resources.


To contact Mike, email [email protected]


I was born and raised in Queens, New York to immigrant parents from Albania. I grew up with an older brother, Tom, and a younger brother, Jack, in a very tight family. So tight that I grew up closely with my father’s older and younger brothers’ families in the same house.

Since an early age, we were sent to karate. I’m very proud of my martial arts background as it helped me build a solid foundation in life at a young age. When I wasn’t practicing martial arts, I was working in the family owned pizzeria helping clear tables from the age of four. We helped my parents in the real estate business by keeping the properties maintained.

From there, I attended Christ The King High School. I played four years of high school football. After high school, I decided to check out the confusing world of computers and became certified as a Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE). I found that my high energy level for life didn’t allow me to take that path as sitting behind a desk all day wasn’t something that excited me. During that time I attended Nassau College and completed an associates degree.

One of my cousins had gotten into electrical contracting, and I joined him on the weekends doing electrical work. Through that, I found one of my customers in the pizzeria owned an electrical company. He hired me as an electrical estimator and showed me what corporate America was like outside the family business. That didn’t excite me for too long, and I realized I needed a complete change of scenery.

I left for California to pursue other opportunities, attending Santa Monica College for a bit, then starting acting classes recommended by a friend. Soon I booked a feature film shooting out of Mexico. I found the producers of that film to a have a high energy level and a serious passion for what they do. This is when I realized that I wanted to get into producing.

I started my producing career with Scott Reed and Ron Singer of That’s Hollywood Pictures. I’ve made films with them since 2005, and received a first class education in the wild and crazy roller coaster ride of the entertainment industry.

My dream was to star in my own film, and my producing experience was invaluable in making that dream a reality. I made a list of what was important to me and took it from there. My list included family, my Albanian heritage, physical comedy (because of my martial arts background), and traveling to amazing new places. I wanted to make a film that was action packed and a wonderful adventure ride you could enjoy with your whole family. That film is Mikey Boy!

I’m very proud of Mikey Boy’s theatrical release on Nov 1, 2013, in New York City’s AMC Empire 25 on 42nd St. Once that night came to an end, I multiplied my goals over night by ten. I attribute Mikey Boy’s success to my parents. They have a strong work ethic and old fashioned values that have helped shape my life, and I have carried that with me to Los Angeles. Teaming up with great people, and creating your own dream team is a must to succeeding in the industry in any level. It takes an army. It’s all about the people.

Currently I am actively acting, producing, and packaging my own and others’ projects. I have been fortunate to be immersed in business my whole life, from pizza and real estate to movies and technology. I enjoy going from one thing to the next and finding a way to marry the two. I see technology as the most powerful tool at our disposal; it’s a facet of everything in life nowadays. If you’re not getting into technology, you will be left behind.

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